Please let me know what you feel about my work


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5:11pm 03-19-2010
Dear Sir, Pl. browse the following links and advise your valuable opinion:
-"Seshagiri, Hyderabad, A.P."
5:08pm 03-19-2010
Dear Sir, Your work is excellent ! Please advise your email address so that I can share my collections and work with you. I have developed video on Bhagavadgita which was hosted at URL: Pl. advise your feedback. "Seshagiri, Hyderabad, A.P."
2:19am 02-14-2010
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2:18am 02-14-2010
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3:20pm 12-30-2009
Oryginalna stronka
3:03am 12-04-2009
Atrakcje turystyczne w pieninach
7:46pm 12-03-2009

My koti pranaams to you for sharing sthothraratna with us. May Bhagavan bless you and your family with Ayuraarogyasaukhyam!
1:31am 12-01-2009
you r just great .............thnkyou , may god bless you
2:46am 11-23-2009
PR Narayanan
I am delighted to visit this site. I have benfitted a lot. Thanks to almighty who has made you a useful TOOL for HIM to propagte worthy things to this mundane world. Sir, what is Navaratna Mala in Sundara Kandam and where can i find it. Thanking you and once again oru Kodi Namaskaram !!!
9:41am 11-04-2009
Ketut Astra Punarbaw
thank's for ur wibe that very usefull for me... but i have some troble when i open the sotrame... i can not find the sotrome... can u help me for this case.. thanks before
2:16pm 10-14-2009
Rajan Padiachi - Sou
Aum SWami

This is a divine work.
I am in SA and this could help in somnay ways
Do you have audio files of the same that would help us correctly pronounce

Thanks so much again

Rajan Padiachi
South AFrica
10:46pm 09-22-2009
Venkat Ramani
Respected Sir, Great efforts seem to have been taken to collect , compile and present it in this site. Good and informative. I only wish there were Audio files along with the various Mantras. This would have become an all in one site visited by milions of brahmins everyday. Congrats.
5:35pm 09-09-2009
Respected Sir,
Most laudable effort to preserve the glory & culture of Kerala Iyers.Jeevem saratha shatam.
SSSIHMS,Prashanthi Nilayam PO
AP 515134
12:43am 09-09-2009
Thank you so much for the translation. I am rediscovering my roots because of your website. Being far away form India-your website helps me learn the pujas and strotras that my mother used to recite and I am now learning the same and teaching my child. Thank you so much.
5:44am 09-07-2009
Dear Sir,

People like me who can't read sanskrit, but read slokas get immensely benefitted by your translations. Only few people are willing to donate their time for a broader cause. I pray to Lord to give you a long life to write more and more for the benefit of the society.

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