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10:23am 03-17-2013
Respected Sir,

I have a query. Me learnign the basics of vedic astrology since few years.

And regarding Trisphuta i have a dobut.
Trsihphua= Longitude of Lagna+Longitued of Moon+ Longitude of Gulika (sum if exeeds 360 degree then deduct 360).

And here the doubt i have is what calculation i should take for gulika ? . Means i should take start point of gulika kala or

mid point or end point of gulikakala ? or i should follow The Keralite method to find Mandi, and use mandi longitude ?

The Keralite method is
Gulikodaya Kala Calculations for Day= 30 Ghati Night= 30 Ghati and 1 Khati = 24 minute.

For example on Sunday Gulikodaya at 26th Khati, but on the same day night it rises at10th Khati (the rising time of

Thursday; 5th day from Sunday)

So Respected Sir, I hope you wil consider my request to clear my doubt and i hope you will guide me.

Yours faithfully
5:31pm 03-14-2013
Uncle i want balagraha parihara mantra and details about balagraha so wil u plz help me out of this problem.... m waiting for ur kind infrmation uncle .....

Sahana A
9:34pm 03-09-2013
Really good efforts! The english translation are simple and neat. May GOD's
blessings be always with you in spreading Vedic Thoughts through the technological medium. Thank you a lot!
5:47pm 03-05-2013
The slokas and their meaning has outlined the importance and the effect of chanting such slokas. Kudos to your work in this area.
11:02am 10-29-2012
Chandanna Tonape
I was searching for Kalidasa's Dandakam and happened to visit your website. Thak you for putting your attempt to translate such stroras. I would be happy to put all these transaltions on my website for more propagation. Seeking your permission to do so.

Thank you,

Chandanna Tonape
9:46am 10-27-2012
Amazing work Sir!!!!!
Hats off to you.
2:47pm 09-24-2012
kalyani v

It is a tremendous work which is very useful to others. I do not see the Durga Sahasranamam in this list. Could you please add that also.

with namaskarams,
4:06pm 08-14-2012
Nipun Maniar
Respected Sir,
I thank you for making an great effort of translation so many stotras in English. I would like to know whether you are in possession of Trilokya Mohan Kavach which is part of Shri Vidya and if you have can you share it with me.
3:35pm 07-18-2012
Latha venkatadri

Please let me know if SUndara Kaandam parayanam should be done before noon only or it can be read even after lunch. If not,please let me know why post lunch reading is not permitted.
10:24am 06-18-2012
Respected Sir,is there anything called "YADAKSHARA",asking for Forgiveness in Pronunciation/Omission of some Words,when one Chants Vedic Sthothras/Manthras & Slokhas & to be Chanted 10 times Before Undertaking any Venture as mentioned in for All Problems in Pages-97 & 21 respectively.I.ll be very grateful for the Clarification/Confirmation.Thank you very much.
9:34am 06-18-2012
Just Fantastic,will be very short of the Efforts taken Professor P.R.Ramachander for Translalation/Publication of the Sthothras,especially in English.
7:14pm 06-10-2012
where can i download yamunashtakam?Please inform me.
1:53am 05-12-2012
venkataramanaiah kop
11:46am 05-09-2012
plz let me know in telugu version
7:11pm 02-28-2012
pandit muthurattnam
Dear sir, i am writing from singapore.thank you for this wonderful work of yours. itsreally amzing and beautiful. i have enjoyed reading and have learned a lot. i will continue to keep your page as referance.
i am much younger then you to bless you but i am sure god will have his great grace on you. please reply to me sir if you have the time. i would love to communicate with you.
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