Please let me know what you feel about my work


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7:11pm 02-28-2012
pandit muthurattnam
Dear sir, i am writing from singapore.thank you for this wonderful work of yours. itsreally amzing and beautiful. i have enjoyed reading and have learned a lot. i will continue to keep your page as referance.
i am much younger then you to bless you but i am sure god will have his great grace on you. please reply to me sir if you have the time. i would love to communicate with you.
3:09pm 02-17-2012
I am very much thankful to you. An amazing work you have done for the devotees.
11:07pm 01-19-2012
Please edit as karpoora veedi sourabya kallolitha kakupthada in nama no 14 in lalitha thrishathi stotrm
2:04pm 12-21-2011
shanthi chandrasekar
sir, i read the transliteration of lalitha sahasranam and i am extremely thankful. your work is such an inspiration. many many pranams to you and your family.
6:29pm 10-06-2011
9:55pm 09-04-2011
Hats off there is no words to say ... sasthanga namaskaram please do contact me on my e-mail I want to be in touch with you
5:56pm 04-03-2011
Pramod Sahu
Sir, after reading about the Runa Mochan Strotam I had promised to keep 16 fast on tuesdays. I am keeping fast on tuesday. Please guide me through the entire process
7:41pm 03-17-2011
10:39pm 03-03-2011
Sir, I would like to know where Iwould be able to get the sanskrit version of Sri Pada Saptasati.
11:24am 01-29-2011
Ramanathan A R
Dear Sir,
You are doing a valuable service to the humanity, specially for those who want to come to the right track of life. May god bless you to continue to do such services for a very long time.
5:02pm 12-07-2010
Hello Sir,

please excuse my typing and spelling error in my previous comment. It is an UNSELFISH deed is my statement.

Sat Guru Saranam
4:59pm 12-07-2010
Your service , support and sharing it with the world is truly a very generous, kind and self fish deed. I thank you most sincerely. I am not of any siginificance to say anything more. I have utilized your translations , for better reading in Tamil and also accessed other Stotras and Hymns you have presented. My personla one that is close to my heart Varahi Stotras. Thank you Sir Again.
8:46pm 10-04-2010
i need the book Vaithyanatha deeshkidayam book in tamil .froo where can i get the book let me know the publishers please help me
4:43pm 06-16-2010
I came across your details on

Is it possible for you to tell me where i can find audio versions of Varahi Anugrahashtakam and Varahi Nigrahashtakam?

Anyone else who knows Sanskrit can help me please? I have the lyrics but dont know how to pronounce it correctly.

My email id is, please drop me your contact no and i willl call you asap.

Kind Regards,

Kaushal Amin
11:20pm 06-08-2010
i am a vedanta, sanscrit and vedic chanting student and i am teaching in f argentina, and i am Swami Dayananda and Mataji Brahmaprakashananda Sarasvati disciple. and always follows yor translations, thakns a lot, your help is worthless
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