Please let me know what you feel about my work


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3:07pm 03-20-2010
Ramdas Menon
Sir, I was just going through some of your articles/contributions.Great that you have put in a lot of efforts to pen down your knowledge which also involved considerable research work done by you. Prayers for your good health to be able to continue your good work. Rgds. Ramdas.
5:11pm 03-19-2010
Dear Sir, Pl. browse the following links and advise your valuable opinion:
-"Seshagiri, Hyderabad, A.P."
5:08pm 03-19-2010
Dear Sir, Your work is excellent ! Please advise your email address so that I can share my collections and work with you. I have developed video on Bhagavadgita which was hosted at URL: Pl. advise your feedback. "Seshagiri, Hyderabad, A.P."
2:19am 02-14-2010
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3:20pm 12-30-2009
Oryginalna stronka
3:03am 12-04-2009
Atrakcje turystyczne w pieninach
7:46pm 12-03-2009

My koti pranaams to you for sharing sthothraratna with us. May Bhagavan bless you and your family with Ayuraarogyasaukhyam!
1:31am 12-01-2009
you r just great .............thnkyou , may god bless you
2:46am 11-23-2009
PR Narayanan
I am delighted to visit this site. I have benfitted a lot. Thanks to almighty who has made you a useful TOOL for HIM to propagte worthy things to this mundane world. Sir, what is Navaratna Mala in Sundara Kandam and where can i find it. Thanking you and once again oru Kodi Namaskaram !!!
9:41am 11-04-2009
Ketut Astra Punarbaw
thank's for ur wibe that very usefull for me... but i have some troble when i open the sotrame... i can not find the sotrome... can u help me for this case.. thanks before
2:16pm 10-14-2009
Rajan Padiachi - Sou
Aum SWami

This is a divine work.
I am in SA and this could help in somnay ways
Do you have audio files of the same that would help us correctly pronounce

Thanks so much again

Rajan Padiachi
South AFrica
10:46pm 09-22-2009
Venkat Ramani
Respected Sir, Great efforts seem to have been taken to collect , compile and present it in this site. Good and informative. I only wish there were Audio files along with the various Mantras. This would have become an all in one site visited by milions of brahmins everyday. Congrats.
5:35pm 09-09-2009
Respected Sir,
Most laudable effort to preserve the glory & culture of Kerala Iyers.Jeevem saratha shatam.
SSSIHMS,Prashanthi Nilayam PO
AP 515134
12:43am 09-09-2009
Thank you so much for the translation. I am rediscovering my roots because of your website. Being far away form India-your website helps me learn the pujas and strotras that my mother used to recite and I am now learning the same and teaching my child. Thank you so much.
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