Please let me know what you feel about my work


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12:43am 09-09-2009
Thank you so much for the translation. I am rediscovering my roots because of your website. Being far away form India-your website helps me learn the pujas and strotras that my mother used to recite and I am now learning the same and teaching my child. Thank you so much.
5:44am 09-07-2009
Dear Sir,

People like me who can't read sanskrit, but read slokas get immensely benefitted by your translations. Only few people are willing to donate their time for a broader cause. I pray to Lord to give you a long life to write more and more for the benefit of the society.

10:57am 08-18-2009
Dear Sir,
I am happy to have the CD of all sotras. Kindly let me know the details.
MMMathialagen,Sec-6/226/3243,/CGS Colony, Kane Nagar, Mumbai-400037.
6:04am 08-16-2009
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3:13pm 08-05-2009


No words to describe your Exemplary service to Hindu Community.
1:56pm 08-05-2009
Mohan Lal Kaul
Sir, what U have done is indeed monumental in proportions, and no words will be sufficient enough to sing its praise. Its value would increase a hundred-fold if the Sanskrit text of the shlokas were also included.
I have a query, however. In a Adi Shankara prayer I came by, the introduction says that it was composed when Shankara was "affected by the evil chants of Abhinav Gupta." Sir, where did U get this information, and who was this Abhinav Gupta.
10:26pm 07-29-2009
Dear Sri Ramachandar..

Great job done... this is called real social work... and very very useful to our know what is the Hindu and value of it.
our good wishes to you..

1:44pm 07-25-2009
Dear Sri Ramachandar,
You are doing a very good work, may the lord will help you in your future endeavers. All the best and support.
7:35am 07-08-2009
Dear Sri Ramachandar,
Pranams!You have rendered a great service by hosting a large number of Slokas related to Sanatana dharma along with the translations for those who don't have knowledge of Sanskrit to get at the meaning.I pray God to give you the energy and enthusiasm to continue this spiritual mission.
9:33pm 07-05-2009
venkatesh tn

This is a wonderful website and more so for a working professional like me who needs quick access to mantras pertaining to kerala iyers, this is indeed a one stop shop for the same.

I had actually visited the website and was desperately seeking the mantras for this years (2009) avani avittam. I am sure your website will be the best resource as and when the same gets published. Last year, I downoaded the mantras at the above website and I ought to say that the presentation was stupendous.

If I may request support for this year, I will be happy.


3:19pm 05-09-2009
Namaste ji.
Awesome work, I think me too late to see this, I am sure that this will be helpful to a lot of devotees, slokas and its meaning in English etc very nice and hard work too, may god bless you to do more like this for other devotees, my koti koti pranam on your feet.
7:11am 05-08-2009
I have been looking for this since long.I have copied all to my sys.Where can I get Sanskrit edition.
Can you pl clear one doubt.
When you live in a different town away from your family, can you do "Owpasanam".
12:53am 05-03-2009
Hello Sir
Good Work
Where can i download Guru Paduka Stotram - Adi Shankaracharya.
Can you please provide me link

Thank you
11:24am 04-23-2009
Mahadevan Babu
Good job. May God Bless you.Vazhga Valamudam.Vazhga Vaiyagam.
6:34am 04-20-2009
good work.Thanks to all.thankless best wishes to you.
kalpakkam nagarajan
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