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4:50pm 02-09-2019
translation of शिव सुप्रभातम
स्नात्वा जले शीतलितान्तरङ्गाः
6:05pm 09-09-2017
Narayana Sarma
Most respected Sir

I compliment you with folded palms on the outstanding works you have done.

I have a humble request for your consideration

It pains me to see us use expressions such as Fire God, Moon God, Water God, gods etc. which are nonsensical names assigned to the forces of nature thru which Brahman manifests itself. We are at liberty to say “God in the form of Agni the fire’, “God manifesting as Vayu, the wind” but not as Fire God and Wind God. It makes our faith look stupid when we tell the world that we have more than one god competing for our attention,

We have but one God, Brahman, one without the second, one with no beginning, no end, eternal, undefinable. We must focus on the noble truth rather than marginalize our great faith with words such as Elephant God, Monkey God etc. etc.

Please purge your website of all such nonsensical reference to our One God.

I will be grateful for your response.

Narayana Sarma
11:48am 07-04-2016
I am amazed by the efforts that you have put in to develop the content for this website. It is really very commendable. To take it to the next level - you could consider including the audio versions of all the content posted, so that the devotees can hear and recite the hyms in the correct format.

Thanks for putting this together for the benefit of mankind.
10:21pm 05-09-2016
anjali bhise
hari om
i would like to have SARTH SHRISHIVA KAVACH ( Shiva Kavacham)
By Sage Rishabha in sanskrit in PDF format
1:16pm 04-20-2016
Rghu nadh
i want eakadasa mukha hanuman beeja mantra, astotram, maha mantram and dhanya slokam it is available or not if availale pl. send mail. prefered language is telugu if not available in telugu send english also
5:04pm 02-08-2016
Dave Singh
You are a blessing from God. Thank you for this greatest compilation...I plan to use!
8:55pm 12-20-2015
goinsamy ramasawmy
I have been on your very interesting site for quite some time now.Once I came on a prayer that you translated which I lost.It was a prayer which pay respects to everything in this universe,plants planets ,kings etc.It started with Bramha,Vishnu and Siva.......I would be very grateful if you could send me this prayer ,please.
Thanking you beforehand.
4:56pm 11-08-2015
Sabha Vaidhya
Dear Sir,

I have only recently come across your site. It is an excellent effort you have taken for spreading the Hinduism and I thank you for the same. I would prefer to have the Stotras an srutis in Sanskrit. I f possible you may kindly give the same.
Thanks once again
8:13am 09-13-2015
Hari Om.Please send us the KAARTAVEERYA -ARJUNA STOTRA in sanskrit, as we find it easier to chant shlokas in sanskrit..
5:53pm 04-08-2015
Dear Sir,

I am really very grateful to you for allowing people like me, who doesn't have any Sanskrit knowledge, to get access to such a treasure 'Strotras and Srutis' in english.

May god bless you for your kind effort to educate people like me.

Warm regards,

9:31am 01-12-2015
the Shivashtakam -II that u hv mentioned as "by unknown author" was written by Shri Sadashiva Brahmendra, a Digambara and a Jivanmukta par excellence... His Samadhi adhistanam is present at Nerur, a calm, serene and spiritually vibrant place...

One interesting tidbit about this stotram is that, It is said the Peetadhipatis of Shringeri Sharadha Peethamchant this stotra while drying and doing alankaram to Shri Chandramoulishwara during their daily-night pooja...

'Shiva Paahi Shambo'
2:30am 12-07-2014
Kaniyanoor S Sundar
Sairam. My humble pranams to Sri P R Ramchander Sairam . You have rendered a great service to the world of English speaking present generation My appreciations and congratulations to you.Whenever any one asks me the meaning of a stothra I look to your translation and tell them,"Look, it is here."
May God shower long life,health and happiness. SAIRAM.
7:09pm 11-17-2014

can you kindly tell me the shiva mangalashtakam

Who is the composer of this Ashtakam??
1:01pm 10-03-2014
Brojendra Sharma
Could please upload Runa Mochana Ganapati Stotra and how to read this stora ? Thanks for your help in advance.
10:03am 10-02-2014
Respected Sir,

Your sloka's & the translation are wonderful.....

Thank you,,
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