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6:21pm 04-19-2009
good page.usefull to eveybody.vazhthukkal.vazhga valamudan
10:04am 03-04-2009
hi all,
i just check out the site! it looks good!

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Best Regards,
9:47am 03-03-2009
good blog, keep hard working on that!

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1:36pm 02-21-2009
ranjith a
hi dears
it is very very useful site for everybody
12:45pm 02-06-2009
Shekhar Iyer
very interesting blog, if possible please add about manthra or tantra sastra and astrology.

8:40pm 02-05-2009
G B Sharma
I am very much impressed by the efforts being taken by you. Kindly suggest me if predictions are also made on the basis of date of birth etc.
8:50am 01-21-2009
DR V Thanumoorthy
Dear sir,
A very good site to know many things.
Whenever I visit my sons at USA,as I am now, my interest is to see the various websites.
I like yours. I wanted to listen to songs. But they do not work.Please look into it.
Also if all songs can be put in MP3 then we can enjoy more
Dr V Thanumoorthy Ph D (Tech)
10:23am 12-21-2008

This link is one of the Best made easy reading links ever that i have visited.

As i read each and every page I feel the sincerity to your Wonderful Blessed work.

My pranam to your goodself and to Aunty for the same .

With Amma Mookambika Blessings,
7:17am 11-21-2008
savithri ananth
visited your website and found some very rare slokas.Thank u.
savithri Ananth
12:55pm 11-05-2008
Chandra Dupagunta
Dear Sir
I live in Australia. I am very interested in shoklas and mantras but was always bogged down for my competency in reading Devangiri was limited. When I saw the slokas on your site, it has given me a great opportunity to learn more with ease and with more interest. I salute you for a wonderful work and this assists people like me. I am grateful to you. My sincere namakaram.
1:07am 10-03-2008
Shiva Prasad
You have done a noble deed by translating the gems of eternal wisdom into english for the sake of people like me who unfortunately do not understand the intricacies of the Sanskrit and various other languages of our Holy Land, i pray to the almighty that you be blessed with eternal happiness !!!!!

Best Regards,
6:16pm 10-02-2008
seema kaul
Thank You for all of you for so much knowledge u provide to modern world, I feel much more conneted to my religon by knowing it better....Thank you u helped me
8:40pm 08-14-2008
Thank you for the wealth of information
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